Software/App Development Training


The biggest shift and growth in the world today is; Mobile Technology. Software/app developers are the masterminds behind technologies we now cannot imagine living without. Online banking, bible apps, shopping, planners, calendars, taxi apps etc.. they are part of our everyday life.

Course Benefit

At the end of your 4 week course; participants are expected to

  • Analyze user need and designing of software’s
  • Construction, testing and maintaining.
  • Be able to track and tackle technical issues and resolve same.
  • Localizing software products for different market.
  • Upgrade existing software’s as the user organization needs changes.

Career Prospects

Software developers are in high demand the world over, they are employable and highly sought after in various industries electronic, banking, commerce, product manufacturing, hospitality, entertainment, media, health, sports etc.

Employment rate for developers are stunted due to lack of skilled manpower consigning companies to develop apps outside Nigeria.

As a software developer, you are:

  • Employable
  • You can start your own soft ware development company.